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Challenges Abroad – Amazing Travel And Volunteer Experiences Challenge Leader Abroad | Challenges Abroad
info@challengesabroad.org +1 (0) 315 642 7433

At Challenges Abroad we believe one compassionate student can inspire many. We are dedicated to creating global leaders that ignite their communities to create positive change around the world.

The Challenge Leader role gives students with the opportunity to choose a challenge, recruit a team, and lead a group of passionate students abroad. We invest in our Challenge leaders, providing them with training and support, cumulating with an internationally recognized award and all the skills needed to lead their team abroad.

Become a Challenge Leader

  • Choose a Challenge that inspires you.
  • Apply Online
  • Recruit a Team of 10-20 volunteers.
  • Lead your team abroad with support from our local and overseas staff.

    The Perks

  • Recruit 10 volunteers and the program is FREE.
  • Recruit 20 volunteers and the program and flights are FREE!
  • Local staff provide resources to recruit your team and make sure you are prepared for your travels abroad.
  • Overseas staff guide you through your journey while abroad.
  • Leadership training by an accreted (and fun!) leadership specialist, cumulating with an internationally recognized award.